deer hunting stories

Veteran’s Day Success

A USMC veteran finally connects on a mature buck after ten years of bow-hunting. That the arrow found its mark on Veteran's Day, was only icing on the cake.

Boxscores & Beanfield Bucks

The fondest memories of my youth weren't of video games, amusement parks or heated swimming pools. As bland as this might seem, my best memories came from the morning sports page and the 20-acre soybean field across the road from my parents' home.

Girls Do Hunt

Girls don't hunt — that is what most boys say. Well, um, they are wrong. I am a girl and I hunt. If you need proof to believe girls hunt, just read my story.

Goodbye to Romance

Sometimes it seems like the sacred traditions of deer hunting — fellowship, woodcraft and meat gathering — have been replaced with an emotionless wildlife management effort. It's enough to make the most innocent, awestruck hunter cynical.