Deer Hunting Tips

Have deer hunting problems? We have solutions. Our experts share dozens of handy deer hunting tips, tricks and deer hunting tactics to enhance and improve your deer hunting experience. This critical advice will take your whitetail pursuits to the next level.

Gregg Ritz of Hunt Masters with a great Thompson/Center muzzleloader buck.

Avoid These Mistakes Flying with a Muzzleloader

If you’re planning a deer hunt this year with a muzzleloader and will be flying to your destination, take the advice of one well-seasoned traveler to avoid problems with the TSA folks at the airport. Veteran hunter Greg Ritz has flown around the world with muzzleloaders. He’s seen security checks go easy-peasy and others...

GEB  Buck in food plot

Grow ’em Big: Best Deer Food Plots Incorporate Smorgasbord Effect

Learn how to attract deer to your property at all times during the season by offering them everything they need in one food plot. Grow ’em Big host and veteran land manager Steve Bartylla explains how to create a smorgasbord effect on even the smallest of properties. You can easily do this through smart...


Just How Good of a Deer Tracker Are You?

It’s a simple question we sometimes ask ourselves: Just how good are we at tracking a deer after we’ve made a shot with a bow or firearm? Some hunters are fantastic trackers. They are excited about finding the deer, but they don’t panic or get into a rush. Being thorough, taking your time even...


Spot-On Accuracy Begins with Deer Hunting’s Most Important Tool

It’s easy to debate the merits of various hunting accessories touted as “must have” items, from illuminated reticle scopes and ammo to the latest scent-blocking sprays or attractants designed to bring a wary buck closer to your stand. All, of course, have their place. Unless you’re a diehard traditionalist, perhaps using a flintlock or traditional stick...


Hunting Land: It’s Only as Good as You Make It

A slow walk down the dew-covered trail at dawn renews your spirit. It’s deer season, but you have no intentions of shooting anything. Maybe you’ll check some trail cameras or just lean up against a tree and watch deer funnel back through to their bedding areas. There are no worries of disturbing other hunters. You...