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Jerry Peterson has pursued deer, predators and turkeys for decades yet always learns something when he goes in the woods.

The Deer Call That Will Fill Your Freezer This Fall

When it comes to the best deer hunting strategies, sometimes we think it’s so easy a kid could do it and other times we’re left scratching our heads in confusion. We did all the right things, had the best setup, the best hunting equipment and still got busted or zeroed. One thing most hunters...

Velvet buck

Video: Big Velvet Buck Shot During Bowhunt

  BY DANIEL E. SCHMIDT Bowhunters across North America have their favorite broadheads, bows and tree stands. And they also are quick to share the best places to bowhunt in the U.S. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel across the country these past 19 years in search of whitetails and...