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November Buck- Quivira NWR

Grunting Buck Flies By Trail Camera!

David Felts posted this cool video on our Deer & Deer Hunting Facebook page (join it here!) and we thought you’d like to take a look at this gruntin’ buck showing off for the camera. Pretty cool! If you want to make your own deer grunts or other whitetail vocalizations, check out this super...

Steve Bartylla has some of the best deer hunting tips for land and whitetail management, stand placement and more in his new book, Big Buck Secrets.

Deer Talk Now: Bartylla Says Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Veteran deer hunter Steve Bartylla offered some great advice about hunting pre-rut bucks and thinking outside the box when it comes to your hunting. How’s that? Well, if you want to try a new food plot somewhere or hang some stands in that “what if …” place, do it. What’s the worst that can...

To have a better chance at a personal best whitetail buck, you may need to rethink your ideas about the deer's core area and travel during the peak of the rut.

Deer Calls, Young Deer and Gear on Deer Talk Now

Wide Open Wednesday is becoming one of the more popular Deer Talk Now episodes, with the entire hour devoted to your questions about deer and deer hunting! Check out the latest episode of the weekly webcast with hosts Dan Schmidt and Brian Lovett as they discuss using the Ma-Mah deer call, hunting gear and...

World Record Whitetail

Have You Seen This Incredible Johnny King Buck Video?

If you’ve been keeping up with the Johnny King Buck saga, no doubt you know about the amazing Wisconsin buck and how Boone and Crockett will be officially scoring the deer’s monstrous rack on Sept. 22 in Montana. What you might have missed, however, is the Deer Talk Now webcast on Wednesday that featured...

Biggest buck ever killed? Huge 12-pointer

Johnny King Buck Nets Staggering 215-Plus?

SEE THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO THAT CHANGED B&C’S DECISION ABOUT SCORING THE JOHNNY KING BUCK! Six years after Johnny King killed a monstrous Wisconsin whitetail, the Boone and Crockett Club will convene a panel scoring session for the buck Saturday in Montana. Ron Boucher of Vermont served 25 years as a B&C scorer, sitting on...


Video: Another Iowa Booner

Deer & Deer Hunting friend Mark Kenyon of Wired To Hunt had an incredible encounter with an Iowa booner and captured it all on film. This buck is an example of why Iowa is still one of the world’s greatest whitetail destinations. Who wants to take a guess what this buck scores?

Deer hunting Florida 050

Deer Talk Now: Bow Tips For Hunting Season

Ron Cormier of Mathews Inc. joined Deer Talk Now to discuss preseason bow preparation, arrows, and why adding 20 yards to your practice distance can help you succeed. Check out Deer Talk Now to get some good advice on your bow, arrows and setup to maximize your practice before the season arrives!

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 8.29.23 PM

Deer Talk Now: Pat & Nicole Gear Up

Questions about scouting, habitat, water sources and more are addressed by Driven’s Pat and Nicole Reeve on this episode of Deer Talk Now. Topics include scouting cameras, stand location, planning out of state hunts and more. The Reeves were emphatic about maximizing limited scouting time, because their lives are so busy. Need some food...


Deer Talk Now Today With Lee Lakosky!

          Lee Lakosky, co-host of The Crush, was the special guest June 27 on Deer Talk Now! Lakosky joined hosts Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks on the live webcast at 12 p.m. CST to talk about trophy buck management and his methods for finding land, planting food plots, setting stands,...