Deer Food Plots

Land management and deer food plot articles from Deer & Deer Hunting.

Deer will use different areas of emerging or thriving vegetation to maximize the best use of each season spring through autumn.

Know Thy Habitat: Greenery Desirability Changes with Seasons

Food sources change in desirability during their various stages of maturation. When hunting over them, you should time your hunts for the phase when they’re most desirable. While it’s impossible to cover the most desirable stage of all preferred deer foods in one article, the following generally applies to greenery: • Seedlings – extremely...

Persimmons are great for deer and grow well in optimal conditions, especially in the Southeast. They're super for early bow season stands when deer are looking for the tasty treats.

Improve Your Deer Hunting with Pears, Persimmons

In late summer when the fruit is ripe, it’s pretty doggone hard to beat the wonderful flavor of sweet persimmons or a crisp pear straight off the tree. One of the houses on my jogging route has four or five persimmon trees near the road. I know the owner and usually take a break...

Purple Hull Peas are part of the cowpea family and are a good option for food plots.

One Food Plot Superfood Loved by Deer and Humans

Many, perhaps most, Arkansans enjoy purple hull peas on their dinner table. Deer love the peas as well. Planting in food plots is nothing new and is recommended by wildlife biologists of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission – but as one of a variety of plantings suggested to augment native foods for the...

The Firminator's 3-in-1 system lets you turn soil, apply seed and fertilizer, and then cutlipack all in one pass.

Plan Now for Your Best Warm-Season Food Plots

Most hunters who think of food plots think of deer hunting on or near cool-season plots in the fall. But warm season plots, those with plants that provide high protein and nutrients in the spring and summer, are vitally important to game animals.

Fruit trees are great sources of food for deer and other wildlife.

Are These the Best Mass-Producing Trees for Whitetail Deer?

Just in time for spring planting season in the Southeast, select Walmart stores are receiving Dunstan Chestnut trees and Grafted Female American Persimmon trees courtesy of Chestnut Hill Outdoors. Ideal for wildlife, Dunstan Chestnuts have been called the best food plot tree. They’re easy to grow and produce nuts in just three to five...

Bucks hang out together at some times of the year but research shows that big bucks tend to be loners and want their own space.

DDH Classic: Grandpa’s Food Plot Proverbs and Secrets

Believe it or not, many old truisms, proverbs and old-time sayings teach valuable lessons when farming for wildlife. I had the pleasure and opportunity to know my grandparents when I was young. My grandparents were born in the early 1900s and lived long lives. This provided me with many years of wonderful relationships …...

GEB  Buck in food plot

Best Food Plot Gameplan for Bowhunters

Movement in the thicket caught my attention and made my heart race. A buck was headed my way, leaving his daytime hiding spot to feed in the lush food plots I’d planted for him and his brethren. As he cleared the thick cover, I saw he was a young 8-pointer. When the buck was...