Cool Gear to Help You Create Great Food Plots for Better Deer Hunting

Planting food plots involves time, planning, management, money and, ultimately, hunters are at the mercy of Mother Nature as to whether a plot goes crazy or looks like a sad lil’ patch of dirt.

A white-tailed buck feeds in a field planted with Whitetail Institute Imperial seeds.

A white-tailed buck feeds in a field planted with Whitetail Institute Imperial seeds.

Whether you’re able to hop in the giant John Deere and turn dirt like a farmer to plant gorgeous mega-plots or you’re a budget-conscious dude with an ATV and small plots, or even a no-land guy hoping for some small hidey hole plots, you always want to try to maximize things. Even little strips on the side of a road might be plantable, or the old garden spot that grew great vegetables could get a good plowing for a small but nice plot.

If you have tough soils or have had challenging plots in years past, consider the Whitetail Institute Extreme Wildlife Seed Blend. The perennial blend can handle a pH range of 5.4 to 7.5 and only needs a minimum of 16 inches of rainfall per year. Once you get it established, the plot can grow for three to five years.  Get It Here Now

Another good option for hard-to-reach areas is the Whitetail Institute No-Plow Wildlife Seed Blend. This “throw ‘n grow” blend works on trails, pond dams, hidey spots in the woods or other smaller areas where you can’t get a plow or any implements in there to break up the soil. It’s an annual, but if you want a small patch or have some tough spots, this is a good one. Get It Here Now

Cuddeback Seen


If you’re planting plots or have them planted, you definitely want to get photos of any wildlife in there (or slimeball poachers, too!). A great way is with multiple cameras you can hide, like the Cuddeback Seen that has numerous options. Set your delay time between 1 second and 3 minutes for the half-second trigger speed to get great images. It also shoots video, and the “simple setup” is pretty slick, too. Get It Here Now

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