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Food Plot Founder Lauds Romney-Ryan Merger

Bass fishing legend Ray Scott says Mitt Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan as his running mate will show Americans the Republicans are serious about bringing true change to the White House.

Ray Scott looks at whitetail clover

Bass fishing legend Ray Scott began planting whitetail food plots in the 1970s. His tinkering led to the explosion of wildlife food plots in North America. (photo courtesy of Ray Scott Outdoors)

by Daniel E. Schmidt

The founding father of whitetail food plots announced today that he is throwing his support toward Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan.

As first reported by Deer & Deer Hunting, Ryan, a congressman from Janesville, Wis., is an ardent outdoorsman who especially enjoys bowhunting and gun hunting for whitetails.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that Ryan is the pick. He seems to be pretty doggone good,” Scott said. “But to be honest, I would have supported Romney anyway. It’s not complicated.

“I didn’t know much about Ryan until just recently, but the more I learned, the more I like him,” Scott added. “Then I see a photo of him squatting down behind a pretty nice sized white-tailed buck. That opened my eyes that he’s one of us.”

Scott was once honored on a Field & Stream list of “Twenty Who Have Made A Difference” in the American outdoors during the past century. His credits include founding the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (BASS), which eventually turned bass fishing into a competitive sport in North America. He also founded the Whitetail Institute of North America, Bassmaster Magazine,Southern Outdoors Magazine, Fishing Tackle Retailer and the award-winning TV series Bassmasters on The Nashville Network. Scott also holds several fishing records, including the Alabama state record largemouth bass caught on 4-pound-test line.

Big bucks and deer hunting are two of Ray Scott's passions.

From deer hunting for big bucks to fishing for big bass, Ray Scott has spent a lifetime enjoying the outdoors. (photo courtesy of Ray Scott Outdoors)

Scott’s work with the Whitetail Institute led to the creation of the whitetail-food plot industry. That company is now run by his sons, Steve and Wilson, out of Pintlala, Ala.

“I can’t wait to meet Mr. Ryan,” Scott said. “ I will be working on a fund-raiser here in Alabama for the campaign. Maybe I can get him to go fishing with me.”

This isn’t Scott’s first dive into the political arena. He served as the Alabama campaign manager for George Herbert Walker Bush in 1988.

Scott said he’s been a longtime supporter of the Republican party partly because of its affinity with individuals who embrace the core values of hunting, fishing, trapping and healthy living.

Bass fishing with George Bush and Ray Scott

Ray Scott spent many days on the water with former President George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife, Barbara. (photo courtesy of Ray Scott Outdoors)

“Those are the things that have helped make America great,” he said. “It’s about hard work and accountability. You can’t help but appreciate those values.”

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