Food Plot Seed, Rut Scents and Premium Clothing


by Daniel E. Schmidt, D&DH Editor

Three more new gear items for serious whitetail hunters that we saw at last weekend’s
ATA Show in Indianapolis:

1. Merino Line of hunting clothing from Sitka Gear. The benefits of Merino
wool have long been appreciated and used in high performance athletic wear and used
in activities such as, running, hiking, skiing and cycling. This new lineup of Sitka
Gear features wicking garments for layering. This stuff is of serious quality. Built
to last.


2.Tall Tine Tubers food plot seed from Whitetail Institute. This premium seed
is the result of more than three years of exhaustive research, development and testing.
In developing Tall Tine Tubers, parent turnip varieties were carefully selected for
quick development, cold hardiness and most importantly high deer usage. The formulation
was put through extensive research, then tested on controlled and free-ranging white-tailed
deer across North America.


3. Power Scrape System by Tink’s. A unique and long-lasting scrape lure and
dispenser system that allows you to create powerful mock scrapes that will attract
bucks and does throughout the hunting season without having to make repeated visits
to the scrape site.


I will be uploading more top items from the ATA Show on this blog tomorrow and Friday.