Learn to Make the Best Food Plots on Deer & Deer Hunting TV

For deer hunters in the field, a mix of good camouflage, cleverly disguised tree stands and scent control are all part of the hunt. For those interested in observing, photographing or hunting deer year round, a well-designed food plot can be the perfect device for aiding and holding deer on your land.

Food PlotIn tonight’s episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV, experts break down how to prepare a food plot’s size, the best shape to use, key points about location, and the plants to consider in your plot to maximize its potential and best serve your needs.

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Food plots serve the dual purpose of drawing deer closer to your property while also holding deer there by providing them with all of the nutrients that they need to thrive and survive. Every piece of property, no matter the size, can accommodate a successful food plot; the trick is proper planning.

Deer & Deer Hunting TV’s newest episode “Food Plots with Purpose,” gives viewers the tools they need to consider prior to planting a single seed. Tune in to learn the basics of land management, selecting the ideal placement, choosing plants and working to make your property the most attractive that it can be to a whitetail deer.

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