Pot Growers Evade Cops, But Not Hunters

A Michigan hunter tipped off Michigan State Police when he discovered pot plants
on public land recently. Over 4,000 plants were discovered in the grow operation after
agents and police got done with the count.

The pot had a street value of over $4 million. There was also a camp located at the
operation, with food and other supplies. As for those who were running the “joint”?

“Three suspects were immediately arrested and another three were captured in a forest
a mile away with help from Enzo, a police dog. The seventh defendant was arrested
Friday about five miles east of Gladwin.”

Source: mlive.com

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  1. suppressed@unknown.org

    Kinda funny, this is right by my house. I play hockey with a bunch of cops and they were talking about this.Posted by: DeerCamp

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