Pro Picks! Whitetail Institute’s Pure Attraction

If you’re looking to get the most production from your food-plot budget, I’d recommend checking out this new seed blend from the Whitetail Institute.

Unveiled last season, Pure Attraction is a fall forage that has been several years in the making. Whitetail Institute began research on the blend when its team of national field testers asked for a fall forage blend that would provide the best of all food-plot benefits: rapid growth, abundant forage and, most of all, an attractant deer can’t resist throughout the hunting season.

I traveled to Alabama in January as part of an industry team to hunt over various plots planted in Pure Attraction. Although the rut had not yet kicked into high gear, the hunting was fantastic, due mostly to the abundant forage still being provided in these plots, which include several proprietary strains of brassicas. On several of my hunts, I observed as many as 20 deer in a one-half acre Pure Attraction plot. This was impressive: considering property manager Justin Moore told me these same plots drew even more deer activity during the early season. 

The key to Pure Attraction is its blend of forages. In the early season, well before the late-maturing brassicas are established, exclusive WINA Brand forage oats and winter peas hit peak production and provide instant deer activity. 

"We are exceptionally excited over the performance of the early-season part of this food-plot blend," Scott said. "What has us even more pleased is the fact that our research and development team took the time as they have always done to make sure the forages outperformed every other product out there."

Product: Imperial Pure Attraction

Retail: $51.45 (includes shipping) for 26 pounds (plants 1