Staff Food Plot Update: First Success


Those of you who watched the progress of our food plot this summer, saw as the staff
prepared a new hunting area, planned layouts and planted (with a lot of luck) at almost
the perfect time to take advantage of summer rains.

Now, the staff is beginning to reap the rewards of that hard work.
On Sept. 29, D&DH managing editor Jacob Edson killed this 8-pointer on the edge
of the Frigid Forage Big-N-Beasty plot planted in late July.

Trail camera photos showed several nice 8-pointers were using the plot, and with a
perfect wind, he headed out to hunt the plot for the first time.

Temperatures had dropped more than 20 degrees in 48 hours and Edson was sure deer
would be on their feet early. He was right. The first deer — a
yearling 8-pointer — entered the plot 2 hours before sunset. After feeding
for a while in the rye that abuts the BNB plot, the little buck looked into
the far corner and began to posture.


Soon, the buck we photographed on Sept. 4 appeared. The larger buck
stiff-legged his way down to the smaller deer and a light pushing match
ensued. Then both bucks entered the Frigid Forage plot and began to nip the carrots
that are part of the BNB mix.

After feeding for a few minutes, the bucks were startled by a fawn that
entered the field at full sprint. Luckily for Edson, both bucks charged
toward his stand, then stopped to offer a 25-yard shot when he drew his
Reezen. Edson’s arrow entered on the edge
of the closest shoulder and the
Rage broadhead lodged in the far shoulder
after severing the aortic arch at
the top of the heart. The buck ran 30 yards and died within sight.

Next up is graphic designer Dustin Reid. Stay tuned as he takes his turn in
the stand.

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