The Power of Mineral Sites

Do mineral sites really attract bucks during spring and summer? You would be the judge.
Faithful D&DH reader Dave Lewis captured this image last Thursday with his Stealth
Cam trail camera. Both bucks appear to be in top shape. “These are Pennsylvania bucks
where (growth) like this is not supposed to happen, but it goes to show that QDM can
work anywhere!” Dave wrote.

Before setting up mineral sites on your property, be sure to check with your local
game regulations. Some states prohibit mineral sites due to the presence of diseases
such as chronic wasting disease. 

Dan Schmidt


One thought on “The Power of Mineral Sites


    I have to say that deer are more attracted to the salt then the minerals themselves. Cwd is a consern in IL. which is why baiting is illegal here. Unless you work for the DNR,then you can use salt/ bait to perform herd census reports with game cams. I’d like to think that supplemental mineral attractants improve herd health. The facts are no evidence of that has be proven by researching the effects on free range deer.Posted by: Russell

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