What’s the Best Food Plot for Deer & Turkeys?

by Daniel E. Schmidt, D&DH Editor

Longtime D&DH reader George Hoffman asked an excellent question about food plots yesterday: “I hunt my cousin’s farm in Orwell, N.Y, and want to know what is the best combination food plot for deer and turkeys. Also, when is the best time to plant?”

I’m certain many avid sportsmen have been wondering the same thing, so I forwarded George’s query to our resident expert, Contributing Editor Charles Alsheimer. Charlie has been planting food plots for more than 20 years. His response:

“This question depends on the type of soil George has. If he has a soil pH over 6.0 it is tough to beat a clover like Imperial Whitetail for warm season…May through late October. For late season hunting purposes and winter food I would recommend a cold-season forage like Purple Top Turnips (or Imperial’s Tall Tine Tubers) because deer will feed on it throughout the winter if the snow depth is not an issue. Purple top turnips is an annual so it will have to be planted every year. Note that turnips are a crop that must be rotated, otherwise the tonnage will not be possible. So, don’t plant it in the same plot more than two years in a row.”

What are your thoughts? What food plots have you planted in your areas that have been good options for feeding both deer and turkeys?