The best tips for how to create and maintain food plots, mineral sites, game camera surveys, habitat enhancements, water sources, predator control, quality deer management and more.

Create Incredible Oak Savanna Deer Habitat

Create Incredible Oak Savanna Deer Habitat

Oak savannas are outstanding deer habitat; unfortunately the vast majority of this once-common habitat type has been lost. The good news is that it can be restored, and your deer hunting will improve from the incredible natural forage diversity the restoration work provides.

The Best Brassicas for Deer Food Plots

Initially used for cover crops, soil conservation and forage for domestic animals, brassicas have taken off like wildfire for deer food plots because of their ease of growing, high protein content, productivity and low planting costs.
Essential Deer Management

Essential Factors of Deer Management

Science-based deer management involves many factors that must all work together for the overall health of the deer and their habitat. Auburn University's Deer Laboratory is one of the top deer research facilities in the country, and provides information on the many facets needed for a healthy deer management plan.