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Some Cry Foul, Say Too Much Promotion of Hunting

In the age-old battle between hunters and non-hunters, the latest cries of “They’re promoting that too much!” are coming from a midwestern state where both sides have battered the state conservation department for years. Wisconsin’s wildlife agency and governor are the latest being pummeled by the non- and anti-hunters who say promotion of hunting...

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Alsheimer: Developing Fawns Grow More Independent

By Charles J. Alsheimer Whitetail bucks aren’t the only ones growing by leaps and bounds during the warm summer months. By the time a fawn enters its second month of life it begins transitioning toward adulthood. At six to eight weeks of age fawns have become much more mobile and independent than the first few...


Alsheimer: Year’s First Deer Fawns are Hitting the Ground

This is the first installment of a new weekly blog here at by photographer Charles J. Alsheimer, Deer & Deer Hunting’s behavior expert. Charlie has been contributing to D&DH for all but two years of its existence. His first article appeared in the magazine in Summer 1979. He is widely considered to be...


Clemons: Deer Management Changes Coming in Southeast

By Alan Clemons State agencies managing for deer and wildlife have a tough gig because not only are they dealing with critters, they also have to deal with politics and human beings. That’s a broad generalization, I know, but it’s true. Managing land for wildlife is challenging enough even on a smaller private tract....

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State Deer Management Overhaul in the Works?

Florida’s northwest Panhandle region could become the testing grounds for a state Fish & Wildlife Commission proposal to subdivide existing deer season zones. FWC Deer Management Program coordinator Corey Morea told The News Herald of Panama City in this story that units within zones would allow for more hunter and public input based on...

Baiting Equals Pressure for Gun-Hunters

Using bait while deer hunting is legal in more than one-half of the states with huntable whitetail populations. Each year, hunters literally spend millions of dollars annually on corn, apples, carrots, pumpkins, sugar beets, sweet potatoes and just about anything else deer will eat. As the editor of one of largest deer hunting magazines...

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Food Plot Management Online Course

Don't miss an opportunity to attract deer by using the wrong fall forage on your food plot. Matt Harper will show what works and what wastes time, money and chances to harvest deer.