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Venison chicken fried on plate

Best Recipes: Chicken-Fried Venison Steak

Back when I was a teenagerĀ and apparently had an appetite similar to Mr. Creosote from the Monty Python skit, anything that wasn’t nailed down at the supper table was in danger. My father and mother weren’t gourmet chefs but they knew their way around a stove, oven and deep fryer. Dad handled the latter,...

Deer Heart

Nicole McClain: Eating Raw Heart from a Kill (Video)

Is eating the heart of the animal you harvest insane? Toxic? Healthy? Demodectic mange is a disease in deer. Brucellosis is a bacterial infection found in commonly harvested wildlife like bison, elk, caribou and swine. Tuberculosis can be carried by deer, elk and bison. And handling and consuming brain, spinal cord, lymph nodes, eyes,...

Vegetable Garden Soup with Venison

Quick, Easy Meals for Valentine’s Day … With Delicious Venison

Ah, the weekend of love has arrived. Well, commercialized and hyped love. Revenue-generating love. Go buy those cards, flowers, nasty red-box ribboned candies, the card, flowers that may die in six days and don’t forget the card! By Alan Clemons, Managing Editor Did we mention the card? Very, very important. You may be able...