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Deer react to hunting pressure perhaps far greater than hunters realize. Having thick, quality bedding areas that offer security helps greatly across all age spectrums.

Create the Nastiest, Most Beneficial Bedding Areas

Big bucks love secure bedding areas, and providing them on smaller properties is often the only way to hold them, at least a portion of the time. Though cover might not be limited in most areas, high-quality cover often is. Creating high-quality cover is not as hard as many people believe. It can be...

Matt Morrett employs a strutting decoy like Avian-X’s LCD Strutter when he’s hunting a dominant tom or sees more than two mature gobblers traveling together.

Turkey Hunting Decoy Strategies That Work All Season

Along with good calling and proper concealment, most turkey hunters agree that employing decoys is one of the most effective strategies for coaxing a gobbler within range. But decoying a fickle longbeard isn’t as simple putting out a phony bird or two and pulling the trigger. There’s a correct time, place and way to...

Is culling a myth or reality when it comes to whitetail deer management? Can you selectively kill and manage wild bucks to achieve mature bucks with big antlers if that is your goal? Some ranches in Texas define cull bucks as small-racked bucks at a certain age, while hunters in other states may see spikes or unusual racks as culls.

Culling Bucks: Does It Really Work?

Man has always strived to be the best at what he does, and this same attitude applies to deer hunting, and more importantly, deer management. As a consequence of sportsmen’s insatiable desire to pursue larger-racked bucks and managers’ willingness to satisfy their requests, a variety of techniques have been tested to augment the size...

Dr Jim Brauker with poison ivy

How to Never Again Suffer From Poison Ivy

I don’t know how many times I’ve had poison ivy over the years but I’m fortunate that it’s not as bad as some folks I’ve seen who must be more sensitive to it. I’ve never really had such a terrible case, at least that I can recall, that it would scare children or make...


Pursuit Channel HD Signs Major Carriage Agreement with AT&T U-verse

GLENWOOD, Ala. – Pursuit Channel will expand its market-leading distribution coverage in the United States through a long-term carriage agreement with AT&T U-verse. Launching in mid May 2017 or sooner, Pursuit Channel HD will be received by all HD U-verse customers who enjoy the superior picture quality of high definition. “Adding Pursuit HD to AT&T U-verse,...

SHEDS  Leland Hinkle with a fine Oklahoma shed

Shed Hunting is Illegal in This State!

If you’re doing a little post-season scouting, you may come upon an antler shed or two. Heck, you’ll probably be tempted to pick it up and keep it, particularly if it’s a large piece of bone that’ll elicit plenty of “oooos” and “ahhhhs” from your hunting buddies. All shed hunters know that with finding...

Post Season Scouting Tips1

5 Post-Season Scouting Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

If you haven’t begun thinking about deer season already, well, it’s not too late to get that in your mind to make plans. The season begins in just a few months and that will fly by quickly. Florida’s southernmost zone opens in late July, along with blacktail deer season in California, parts of South Carolina in...

Jimmy Duncan, left, and Ricky Mills

Bluegrass Bunglers Pinched, Penalized for Poaching

Video may have killed the radio star, but hubris and television helped put two Kentucky men under the investigative eye of the Wyoming Game and Fish Division. Ricky J. Mills and Jimmy G. Duncan, both of Bedford, Ky., pled no contest to charges of poaching and other wildlife violations following an extensive investigation by...

Mossy Oak Osceola Hunt video

Mossy Oak Launches ‘The Obsessed’ Web Series

Mossy Oak Capture Digital Productions is proud to present an all-new digital mini-series titled “The Obsessed.” Throughout the year, “The Obsessed” will follow Mossy Oak, and the people that make up the Brand, on hunts around the country or right here in our own back yard. “The Obsessed” is the first title produced by...

Heath Kersten of Denmark, Wis., with his giant buck that came from the "family blind."

Green Bay Brute Buck Tops 206 Inches

Heath Kersten of Denmark, Wis., just thought it was a nice buck. He had no idea the brute carried more than 200 inches of dream-conjuring bone. He would soon learn that the long-legged monster embodied the very essence of his deer-hunting dreams.