Big Buck Secret: Success Lies in the Details

Jeremy Flinn Self-Filmed Kansas Buck

If you think you are going to march right into a buck’s core area, climb in the stand and put him down, then good luck! Although it will happen on rare instances, the majority of the time it takes intense attention to details and planning.

By Jeremy Flinn

One of the most common actions that will ruin your chances at killing a buck in his core area is the way you arrive and depart. Hunters often will bump deer walking to their stand and believe it “wasn’t that bad” since it was under the cover of darkness.

Wrong! Any disturbances can instantly imprint on that buck and without any notice he could disappear. Typically, you can get away with one or two of these; however, when it occurs pull up an aerial map and identify a new route to get to your spot to avoids those areas.

Additionally, although not hunting a spot enough can cause you to miss an opportunity, over-hunting a spot can be even worse. If the buck you are after regularly moves through his core area during daylight hours, there is no need to hunt the same spot morning and afternoon five days in a row.

Use your knowledge of his movements through observations or trail cameras to set up additional stand locations in the vicinity. By moving 40-50 yards from your initial stand, you not only relieve disturbance but also create a new opportunity to hunt a secondary trail the buck uses. This could be the difference between success and failure, particularly when pursuing mature bucks with archery equipment.


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