Brawling Bucks Fight for Dominance

By Daniel E. Schmidt, D&DH Editor

It is rare for a hunter to witness a true all-out battle between white-tailed bucks.
When it does happen, it is something to behold, because the battle typically pits
two deer of similar size, age and dominance ranking. Like many other animals, white-tailed
bucks are constantly in search of establishing themselves as the “alpha” of a given

When two bucks cannot resolve their social rank by physical posturing, all-out battles
ensue, sometimes to the death. One of the more impressive battles that I’ve seen lately
was captured by a Texas hunter in this incredible video clip.

Notice how the victor does not come away unscathed. It appears he took a tine to the
mouth, as indicated by a bleeding gash in the corner of his cheek as he enters the
brush after running off his insubordinate. Also notice how the doe feeding in the
background pays no attention to the fight. This is typical behavior among mature does.
They seldom show interest in fights; as opposed to testosterone-juiced bucks of all

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