Deer Mistakes Tennis Ball for Apple?

In New Cannan, Conneticut, wildlife officials are searching for a doe that was reported
by a local resident to have a tennis ball stuck in its mouth. According to a story
in The Advocate, “An adjacent house has a tennis court,
and the doe is one of several deer that routinely eats from a trough the homeowner
fills with corn feed.”

The Department of Environmental Protection is searching for
the deer, with the intention of tranquilizing the deer and removing the ball. It is
feared the deer could starve if the ball is not removed — no kidding.

The story did not elaborate on the underlying issue, which appears to
be overpopulation of deer over-running into suburban areas. Could hunting possibly
be a responsible and wise solution to prevent this sort of scenario? What
might the cost to taxpayers be to have government agencies hunting deer with tranquilizers
in order to save them from tennis balls?

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    Just one more reminder that deer and human population do not mix well. Posted by: Tom Sorenson

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