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Hey, Southern Brothers: Get Ready to Rut!

by Dan Schmidt, D&DH editor

Coming soon to a swamp, pine plantation or greenfield near you: Rutting bucks!

Southern rut predictionsDo you live and/or hunt whitetails in one of the following states: South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas or Louisiana? If so, you should be bracing yourself some great deer hunting over the next two months. We all know the rut unfolds a little bit differently in these Southern states, and that’s why Deer & Deer Hunting has consulted with some of the best Southern whitetail hunters in formulating our new Southern Rut Guide 2011-2012.

Our new Southern Rut Guide 2011-2012 lets you plan when, where and how to hunt. The rut follows predictable stages of deer behavior. These changes dictate the effectiveness of hunting strategies. Scrape-hunting, for example, might be effective when bucks seek does, but it won’t work later in the rut when most does are already bred or being tended.

Not every buck exhibits the predicted primary behavior on a given date. Several factors, including age, nutrition, health and genetics, can affect the time and extent to which bucks exhibit a behavior. The Southern Rut Guide 2011-2012 provides peak predictions in the activities for each of the aforementioned Southern states.

The Southern Rut Guide 2011-2012 is on sale now for only $4.99. To get your copy immediately, click here.