In The Stand With Marc Anthony: Amazing Scouting Video

Big buck hunter and Deer & Deer Hunting fan Marc Anthony sent us this video from his summer scouting camera. All we can say is “holy cow!”

Marc, keep us informed as hunting season rolls around.


5 thoughts on “In The Stand With Marc Anthony: Amazing Scouting Video

    1. Marc Anthony

      No deer farm sharpie! Never used an outfitter, deer farm, penned deer, or anything outside of pure wild deer free roaming the timber! Anyone that knows me here on this forum, will verify that I do it the old fashioned way (and the most painful way).

      I hope you enjoy the video! I have three years of trail camera pictures of this giant. Happy hunting 🙂

  1. ridesnhunts

    These are two different deer on this video. The first buck has two split brow tines, two stickers on his right G1, and his main beams nearly touch at the tips. The second buck has single brows, one sticker on his right G3, and his main beams don’t come close to touching at the tips. So, TWO monster bucks on this property.

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