Reader Video: Oblivious Buck Chases Doe

Deer & Deer Hunting reader Mark Westbrook sent in this footage of a buck chasing
a doe. He shot the video from his cell phone after getting down from a stand. Notice
how the buck is oblivious to everything but the doe.

Here’s what Mark said about the encounter:

“I was hunting on Sunday and decided to hunt until it was time for me to go to Church.
At my predetermined time I got out of my 15-foot high hunting blind after not seeing
a thing all morning.

“Once on the ground I placed my rifle against the tree at the foot of my stand and
was looking around and to my surprise I noticed a small 10-point buck approximately
50 yards from me.

“I took my cell phone camera out and started videoing the buck; after videoing the
buck for a few seconds he jumped into the woods. I turned the video on myself to explain
what happened and to my surprise a doe popped out of the woods and started running
in my direction. I videoed her for a few seconds and then the next thing I know the
buck comes running directly at me. Both the buck and doe ran within 30 feet of me
as if I didn’t exist.

“To answer the question, yes I went to Church; I didn’t let the devil tempt me to
stay by showing me this scene but I sure was glad to video it.”

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