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Shed Hunting BookLearn the best tips for deer shed hunting in these advice articles from Deer & Deer Hunting. You’ll find stories and about how to find deer shed antlers, how to train deer shed dogs to find antlers, and get advice from the top shed hunters in the country.

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Find More Deer Shed Antlers

Top 10 Strategies to Find More Deer Shed Antlers

When you're ready for winter to end so you can get out and hunt for deer antler sheds, you want to make sure that you don't waste precious miles and time searching in the wrong areas. Be sure to read through these 10 deer antler shed hunting tips from an expert...

Get Ready for the World’s Largest Shed Hunt

Get ready, because this coming weekend, March 10-11, you can join the world's largest shed hunt during Shed Rally 2018. Organized by Whitetail Properties, the fourth annual weekend event encourages folks to get out and hunt for some shed antlers, and simply to enjoy the outdoors as spring approaches.

Shed Hunting, the Fast Track to Herd Inventory

Nobody loves to inventory a business’ goods, but when you’re spring shed hunting a herd inventory is in order. As you walk the whitetail woods be on the lookout for clues that reveal the health of your herd. To begin with, shed hunting allows you to visually see future buck potential....

Shed Hunting Evidence You Can’t Ignore

Everyone loves to pick up a big shed whitetail antler during a cabin-fever hike, but if you’re a hunter don’t ignore the smoking-hot evidence in the whitetail woods. You can cure cabin fever and scout your whitetail property simultaneously for a hunting season jumpstart.

The Best Way to Find More Shed Antlers

If you want to find more shed antlers you have to search where whitetails congregate and you need to put boots on the ground. In addition to these two simple elements you can up your antler game and gain by incorporating a common piece of hunting equipment. No, it’s not an...

Bring Man’s Best Friend and Find More Shed Antlers

Man’s best friend is also your best friend, especially if you enjoy picking up shed antlers. Think about it, antlers are just bone, albeit the most amazing bone in the animal kingdom. Can you grow a new hunk of bone annually? That bone has appeal to your best friend whether it...

Proof of How Shed Hunting Can Help Your Deer Hunting

The antler didn’t stand out at the time I picked it up on a steep, South Dakota hillside. I do recall the unique, curving brow tine that split for a double-brow appearance. Other than that the antler disappeared in my bin alongside thousands of other antlers I’ve picked up over the...

Shed Hunting Tips to Help You See, Kill More Deer

Shed antler hunting can pay off in two ways. First, you can get a cash payout for selling your antlers. They are actually worth money in the dog chew and artisan market. Second, shed antlers can pay off by giving you a perspective on whether your management plan is working to...