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Shed Hunting BookLearn the best tips for deer shed hunting in these advice articles from Deer & Deer Hunting. You’ll find stories and about how to find deer shed antlers, how to train deer shed dogs to find antlers, and get advice from the top shed hunters in the country.

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white shed

Wisconsin White Deer Surprised by Sheds

Shedding antlers sometimes is uneventful when they just fall off, and other times there may be a little shakin’ or snaggin’ going on. Check out this white buck — unusual in itself — that shakes off its antlers and then freaks out when they go flying! WATCH NEXT: NEW SHOW HELPS YOU GROW BIGGER...


Shed Antler in the food plot.

With the season here and gone in NW Missouri, we start to turn our focus to hunting shed antlers and start planning for the spring gobbler season. This past weekend, I made a trip to the farm to hang a trail camera to get a better idea on how many bucks are still packing...


Antler Shed In October?

Today on my way back from lunch with a good friend of mine from work he tells me I need to see something. Curiosity was getting the best of me, as we pulled back into the parking lot at the shop my buddy Nick yells over to Dave and says “Hey Dave show Josh...


Whitetail Freak Shed Antler? Check Out This Giant!

Have you seen this whitetail deer antler shed photo? It has been rocketing across the Internet this morning. We do know where or when this photo was taken, and we are only speculating that it is, indeed, from a whitetail. Although it has split G-2s and G-3s, the configuration appears to be more from...

Deer Antler Sheds: Two Lucky Finds

  Shed Hunting Guest Blog, #14 by Lon Sherman This heat is really slowing me down. I guess that’s what happens when you’re retired. But, hey, I’m not going to let a little thing like that keep me out of the deer woods! Every day is a blessing, and every day teaches me something...