Why Trappers Make the Best Deer Hunters

Deer & Deer Hunting’s weekly online talk show Deer Talk Now returns for the first time in 2014 with special guest Tom Miranda, who talks with Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks about his new book, The Rut Hunters.

Watch the show and learn …

    • Why Miranda says “trappers make the best hunters.”
    • Tom’s favorite place in the country to hunt whitetails. Do you agree?
    • Tactics for hunting whitetails everywhere: Why you need the new book The Rut Hunters
    • Which whitetail sub-species is the hardest to hunt? The answer might surprise you.

Learn how to shoot big bucks from the experts. Get Tom Miranda’s book The Rut Hunters today.
The best hunters in the country, hunting a wide variety of terrains, for all of the whitetail sub-species. Follow along and learn from the experts including Melissa Bachman, Greg Miller, Bill Winke, Stan Potts, Eddie Claypool, Gregg Ritz, Jim Shockey, Joel Maxfield, Don and Kandi Kisky, Larysa Switlyk, Larry Weishuhn, and more.

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