Can You Hunt for a Living? Pat Reeve’s Advice on Deer Talk Now

Pat Reeve of Driven TV joins Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks for the Feb. 26, 2014, edition of Deer Talk Now, the Deer & Deer Hunting online show.

In one of the most entertaining and informative episodes in the history of the show, Pat describes for Dan and Brad how he worked to launch Driven TV, his outlook on the hunting lifestyle, his love of shed hunting, and his wife Nicole Reeve’s hunting prowess. Pat and Nicole Reeve SaskatchewanAmong the topics discussed,

  • Pat Reeve’s advice for finding the job you love.
  • What you need to know before you try to launch your own TV show. (“I’ve eaten a lot of macaroni and cheese and Ramen noodles.”)
  • Trophy Whitetails with Pat & Nicole Reeve: The exhaustive process of putting your life’s work into a book, including pulling together more than two dozen book-exclusive video clips.
  • Shed Hunting: How to fill a truck full of sheds …. and get back across the border.
  • Nicole Reeve: Is she the best female hunter? ([Critics] need to pay my taxidermy bill. They’ll learn real quick she’s not just eye candy.”)
  • What’s coming next for the Driven TV team: A musk ox hunt in the Arctic, shed hunting in Canada, and a month in a tent on Kodiak Island in search of a brown bear with a bow.
  • With a cameo from Nicole!


5 thoughts on “Can You Hunt for a Living? Pat Reeve’s Advice on Deer Talk Now

  1. exaltedjbowtech

    hunting for a living sounds great but on the other hand hunting at preserves Outfitters landlocked deer fenced in properties ranches and deer farms and micro managed properties does not sound like a good and challenging time but that is only my opinion I mean no offense

  2. exaltedjbowtech

    Hunting for a living sounds amazing but on the other hand, hunting at outfitters, ranches, preserves, fenced land, or micro managed properties does not sound like a good or challenging time, but hey, thats only my opinion, sorry!

  3. exaltedjbowtech

    Hunting for a living killer but hunting ranches, farms, preserves and fenced in or micro managed properties doesnt sound like a good.time or much of a challenge its not reality but hey thats my opinion sorry

  4. buckstopper

    The reason Pat and Nicole are successful hunters is access, connections and money. I have nothing against them personally as I don’t know them but just about any hunter worth a darn given the opportunities afforded to them would be successful. Put them on public land here in Wisconsin and see how many 200 inch bucks they come up with. Trophy hunting these days is all about money, sad to say. I will agree with one thing mentioned about Nicole. She is a beautiful young woman.

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