Deer Talk Now: Watch the Trump Jr. Interview, Win An Autograph!

Check out this outstanding interview with Donald Trump Jr. on Deer Talk Now!

Trump Jr. is a longtime hunter and angler who balances his international development deals with a growing family and his love of the outdoors. Watch this episode and find out how Trump Jr. developed his great passion for hunting, his thoughts about the Second Amendment and gun control advocates and see what he said about the Hollywood media’s manufactured story on his 2011 African safari!

What do you think?

Should he have apologized for his African hunting trip or the leaked photos of him posing with an elephant’s tail?

Post your opinion below for a chance to win a signed copy of Deer & Deer Hunting’s September issue by Donald Trump Jr!

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6 thoughts on “Deer Talk Now: Watch the Trump Jr. Interview, Win An Autograph!

  1. rledford86

    I watched the Deer Talk Now episode on the story of how Donald Trump Jr. was wrongfully accused. It doesn’t suprise me at all how quickly Trump Jr.’s and Ted Nugent’s law abiding hunts were blown out of proportion by the media. These incidents bring bad blood to the table for our future hunting rights as well as our Second Ammendment Right, no matter how exaggerated the event in question is by the media. There was no wrongdoing of any kind on Mr. Trump Jr. or Mr. Nugents parts. Therefore theres no apology needed from either gentleman. On the otherhand, the media should hold theirselves at fault for the complete exaggeration of the issues at hand as well as the humiliation delivered upon these men when they printed and released the news to the public.

    With the election this fall, we hunters need to step up for our rights and elect a new president/ vice president into office. A president and vice president that will fight for our rights as hunters and believes in our “right to bear arms!” Elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan! To quote president Obama’s campaign slogan from 2008, “Change We Need.” Well Mr. President (soon to be former Mr. President) we need change more than ever RIGHT NOW!

  2. beaver

    No Donald Jr shouldn’t have to apologize they did everything legal! If that was me I bet nobody would have drug my name through the mud. These people are just jealous! They spent hard earned money to enjoy a hunt and they have to go through this. What about the poachers in this world are their mugshots getting posted everywhere? They should be. If it wasn’t for us hunters their would be alot of disease and over population! Keep on hunting!

  3. spneese

    Short and sweet: Heck no!!! He should not apologize. Getting the elephant tail is a major part of the “ceremony” after shooting the elephant. Having your picture taken with it is a significant event. I would love to be able to do that… both hunt an elephant and afterwards have my picture take with the tail. Outstanding!

  4. buckhunter21

    I agree with the above comment, that yes, he may have received more coverage because of his name and where he came from. On the flip side, he didn’t do anything wrong and like what was said, I’m sure all that meat and the money that was paid for that hunt, went on to help the locals in the area. Posing with an elephant’s tail? Not sure on that…Is that like posing with a whitetail’s antlers? I guess I’m not one to judge on that issue since I’m not well-versed on what is ‘normal’ for that kind of hunting. Yes, there is a fine line as far as showing the public, most important the non-hunting and anti-hunting public, positive things when it comes to hunting, and not giving more fuel to the fire, per say. But, overall, I think he’s a great ambassador for hunting because of who he is and hopefully it can do well for our hunting community.

  5. foos_86

    The only reason this was blown out of proportion was because he has a high profile name, and because the media has nothing else better to do but make a big deal out of it. He did nothing wrong and has no reason to apologize. If anything he should be thanked. I’m sure the meat and money from his hunt went to provide much needed help for the locals in that area.