The Deer Call That Will Fill Your Freezer This Fall

When it comes to the best deer hunting strategies, sometimes we think it’s so easy a kid could do it and other times we’re left scratching our heads in confusion. We did all the right things, had the best setup, the best hunting equipment and still got busted or zeroed.

One thing most hunters are curious about is how deer communicate. Unlike duck or turkey hunting where hunter-to-animal communication is almost always required, deer hunters don’t absolutely have to grunt, bleat, whine, wheeze or ‘talk’ to deer.

But it’s fun to do those things.

What do you know about whitetail deer vocalizations and how to maximize using a doe or fawn bleat when you’re hunting? What about grunt calls in the early bow season pre-rut, or when the rut is getting cranked up?

ddh_mamahvp-500Veteran deer hunter and calling expert Jerry Peterson gives his top advice and answers some super questions today on Deer Talk Now about those topics and more.

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