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Essential Deer Management

Essential Factors of Deer Management

Science-based deer management involves many factors that must all work together for the overall health of the deer and their habitat. Auburn University's Deer Laboratory is one of the top deer research facilities in the country, and provides information on the many facets needed for a healthy deer management plan.
3 Steps for Cleaning Muzzleloaders

Top 3 Steps for Cleaning Muzzleloaders

Muzzleloaders have their own set of nuances when it comes to proper cleaning practices to be ready for deer hunting season. Editor-in-Chief Dan Schmidt walks us through three important steps for keeping those muzzleloaders in first-rate condition.
Tips for Shed Hunting and Food Plot Preparation

Springtime Tips for Shed Hunting and Food Plot Preparation

Spring into action with a few tips for shed hunting season, since there's plenty of time to find those antler treasures while scouting your deer hunting land. Second, food plot preparation is right around the corner and knowing the soil conditions and plant types will help your food plot success.
Turkey hunting: Deer Talk Now

Turkey Hunting: Tips for Hung-Up Gobblers

We interrupt this episode of Deer Talk Now to bring you ... what else ... Turkey Talk Now! Tis the season for taking a break from the whitetails and chasing big gobblers. Gordy Krahn provides some expert turkey hunting tips. In our Product of the Day, Dan Schmidt takes a look...

Deer Talk Now: Extend Your Effective Bowhunting Range

Learn tips and tactics for extending your effective range for archery and bowhunting deer in this new episode of Deer Talk Now. Deer Talk Now host and veteran bowhunter Dan Schmidt provides additional insights on how to adjust your bow’s sight pins. It’s a critical step every archer and bowhunter should...

Apple Trees for Deer: 5 Easy Steps

Planting apple trees for deer is a tactic that will pay off in the long run with better deer hunting for years to come. Deer Talk Now returns with all new and shorter episodes but still packed with great information about deer hunting, strategies, the best deer gear, habitat management and...