Deer Talk Now

Jerry Peterson has pursued deer, predators and turkeys for decades yet always learns something when he goes in the woods.

The Deer Call That Will Fill Your Freezer This Fall

When it comes to the best deer hunting strategies, sometimes we think it’s so easy a kid could do it and other times we’re left scratching our heads in confusion. We did all the right things, had the best setup, the best hunting equipment and still got busted or zeroed. One thing most hunters...


Alsheimer’s Best Info On Scrapes, Whitetail Behavior

What do you know about whitetail deer making scrapes and rubs, using licking branches, and how you can maximize those for your hunting and camera surveys? If you’re honest and don’t know much, but would like to learn more, veteran hunter and researcher Charles Alsheimer has some answers. After more than four decades of...

Nicole McClain

Watch: Top Model Loves Deer Hunting, Fighting Cancer

Nicole McClain’s passions run from being a girly-girl at times and muscle-trembling workouts in the gym to getting blood under her nails and mud on the tires when deer season rolls around. This Ohio beauty has brains to go with her brawn, which she puts to the test in the gym and in the...

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Charlie Alsheimer’s Insights on Deer Behavior

Veteran hunter and researcher Charlie Alsheimer has observed white-tailed deer for more than 40 years, and some of his findings are interesting. He’s watched deer from birth to death, seeing the behaviors, interactions and more. Check out his insights on the latest Deer Talk Now to learn more about our favorite game animal.

Drury Replay

Improve Your Success With Drury’s Hunting Tactics

When the Drury Brothers go deer hunting, they go all out from spring and summer scouting through the coldest parts of winter when the final day of the season arrives. Find out some of their insights on deer, scouting, hunting and more in this great episode of Deer Talk Now.