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Do You Know How Ticks Become Infected and Harm You?

Alabama’s deer season ended on Feb. 10 and the next day I met three buddies and their dogs to go squirrel hunting from sunrise to sunset. After seeing more than 15 squirrels while I was vainly looking for a deer just 24 hours earlier, I figured it would be a slam dunk to put...


Researchers Find New Bacteria that Transmits Lyme Disease

A second bacteria that causes Lyme disease carried by the same deer tick has different symptoms than the more common ones sustained by those infected with the disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Mayo Clinic and state health department officials from North Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota announced the finding last February. They...

How to repel deer ticks

Locavore Blog: A Solution to Deer Tick Worries

One of the main differences between city life and country life is the abundance of time I now spend outside. In the winter, we’re outside cross country skiing and ice skating, building snowmen, and restocking our woodpile (free heat courtesy of hard work). This year, we are all eager for sunshine and green grass...