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Deer Attacks Driver of Car that Hit Him!

Hitting a deer with a vehicle usually¬†has a wide range of possible outcomes, almost all of which are bad for the vehicle and far worse for the deer. For the car, you’ll get everything from smashed lights and crumpled quarter panels to full-blown destruction of hoods, bumpers, windshields and more. About 10 or so...

A deer leaped or fell from an overpass and landed on this van, which had a mother and four children inside. (Photo: Heidi Conner/CBS2)

Deer Leaps From Overpass, Crashes on Woman’s Windshield

A mother driving a van with four children inside got the shock of her life recently while motoring along Interstate 90 in Illinois near Barrington when a deer decided to do a gainer off an overpass. The adult doe landed on Heidi Conner’s van windshield, shattering it and spraying glass shards inside the vehicle....