Some of the author's favorite hunts have been for does, which provide great challenges and tasty meals.

Some of My Favorite Trophies are Does

I’m often troubled, while eavesdropping on hunters discussing the “harvest” of white-tailed does. Too often does are discussed in the same terms as picking backyard vegetables. Worse yet, often addressed by wannabe deer managers like weeds in that garden; an inconvenience in need of removal. I have a little more respect for whitetails, even...

Alsheimer deer and deer hunting

Alsheimer: Developing Fawns Grow More Independent

By Charles J. Alsheimer Whitetail bucks aren’t the only ones growing by leaps and bounds during the warm summer months. By the time a fawn enters its second month of life it begins transitioning toward adulthood. At six to eight weeks of age fawns have become much more mobile and independent than the first few...

Alsheimer deer and deer hunting

Alsheimer: Don’t Forget Natural Deer Foods

By Charles J. Alsheimer The role of natural habitat is often overlooked by hunters. It shouldn’t be. Throughout the summer months whitetails consume 6 to 10 pounds of leaves each day from preferred browse species, forbs and agricultural offerings.  In some areas of the whitetail’s range its diet can be made up of over 500...

The Old, Dry Doe: Fact or Fantasy?

For a doe to outlive her reproductive years, several variables must be present. Our research editor examines the variables and explains the science behind age, reproduction and herd health.