Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Ted Nugent: Deer Hunting Is Ours To Enjoy & Share



By Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Share the Spirit, the campfire, the stories, the experience – and of course the backstraps from your hunting successes. (photo courtesy of www.tednugent.com)

A golden mesquite coal medium rare venison infested and spiritually erect greetings and salutations once again my dear deer and deerhunting BloodBrothers all. Can you feel the love L-U-V? Myself, as hopelessly predictable, am helplessly stoned, drunk, inebriated I’m telling you, on what is without a doubt the most intense, enjoyable hunting season of my life. And that is really saying something because my memory bank resembles the mushroom cloud over Hiroshima with the most wonderful lifetime hunting campfires a man could ever dare dream of.

The rumor in the Nugent household is that I was on my dad’s back in the Michigan deerwoods in October of 1949, just two months before my 1st birthday, and I have hunted every year for 65 years since. Excuse me whilst I genuflect on bended knee thanking the Good Lord for such an indescribable blessing! And the fact that my deer old dad, Warren Henry Nugent was already a devout follower of our hero Fred Bear before I was born, is a telling indicator to my genetic predisposition to pursue eternal backstraps with a vengeance. A full on loving, spiritual, conservation vengeance of course, but a pure animal tooth, fang and claw ferocity vengeance nonetheless.

So the glaring purpose of this 3rd installment of the always effervescent Uncle Ted SpiritWild BloodBrother deer and deerhunting blog contribution would be as usual, a gungho Gonzo exaltation and bonding of all things wild and predator primalscream celebration with y’all in serious hopes that you and yours are also having the best huntseason of your lives.

“Do you realize how mentally putrid these regulations are?”


For it is written, that this ultimate soul cleansing that is manifested with a fistful of guts and sacred meat is our natural God given calling to the hunt, and within these wonderful D&DH pages I am humbled to share this electronic SpiritWild campfire with you all. Thank you for the opportunity, and may The Great Spirit be with you on every outing to assist you to ultimate stealth, ultimate predator awareness, the wind in your face, the sun at your back, the beasts at your side, to aim-small miss-small and share these moving, stimulating experiences with everyone in your lives to further promote and celebrate this beloved hands-on conservation lifestyle to the masses.

Go slow, go deep, go hard, go strong, go pure, go long, go wild, may your double dreams bring you short but crimson bloodtrails and happiness beyond measure. Be sure to donate some of your kills to the local Hunters for the Hungry programs, and be sure to share your annual harvest generosity with letters to the editors, and stories with friends, family, co-workers and even strangers. Spread the goodword that the annual season of harvest is perfect and wonderful. Take a newbie with you and recruit at every opportunity.

Backstraps forever, goodluck and good hunting and Godspeed,

American BloodBrothers, Ted Nugent and family. Semper Fi.

And do please communicate with me here at Deer & Deer Hunting and at our tednugent.com funfire.

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