Alsheimer: The Whitetail’s Friendly Summer Is About To End

By Charles J. Alsheimer

Don’t expect to see scenes like the one exhibited in the accompanying photo much longer because the days of bachelor group behavior are numbered. Once early September arrives a buck’s testosterone level begins to rise, triggering the start of a host of rutting behaviors. From this point on bucks will begin disassociating themselves from bucks they’ve spent the summer months hanging around with.

Alsheimer and Deer & Deer Hunting

These bucks won’t be buddies for much longer as testosterone levels rise, and fall moves closer to the rut. (photo copyright Charles J. Alsheimer)

As September inches closer to October a buck’s attitude toward the bucks that formed his bachelor group begins to wane. They are about to become annoyed with each other, edgy, and they get the feeling they need to see what things look like over the next hill or in the neighboring valley. In short order they will begin to wander from their summer home range that encompassed less than 1,000 acres.

Though some bucks’ core home ranges will be the same as they were during the summer months, it is very common for bucks to relocate several miles away when autumn arrives.

– Charlie

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