Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Ted Nugent: The Deer Hunting Lifestyle is a Beautiful Thing



By Ted Nugent

I’m back. And I like it. I wish to thank all my real SpiritWild BloodBrothers across this great country for your never-ending support and incredible positive spirit here, there and everywhere. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel the ultimate human/spirit connection with the finest people on the planet, which of course are the hunting families out there!

Sharing stories is an important part of the hunt, and Uncle Ted loves telling tales with deer hunters all over these great United States of America. (photo courtesy of tednugent.com)

Whether through the modern technology of e-mails, texts, phone calls, good old-fashioned snailmail, and most dynamically face-to-face, grip-grinning handshake-to-handshake on the not so mean streets of America the unbridled goodwill, decency and shared touch with the good earth is monstrously rewarding and deeply gratifying. Thank you very much for coming up and saying hell-o and sharing your feelings about our sacred hunting lifestyle as I travel this great country of ours.

From all our wonderful partners and sponsors of our Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show on Outdoor Channel and beyond, the self-evident conservation/venison truths we share and celebrate about our amazing hunting, fishing, trapping, shooting, outdoor lifestyle represents what many of us believe to be the most enjoyable quality of life lifestyle known to mankind. Freedom is a beautiful thing, and those of us smart enough to know that freedom is not free, not only dearly cherish this uniquely American thing, but most importantly, have admitted to the critical reality that we all need to constantly stand up and fight for what we believe in.

Nowhere else on earth can a guy take an average weekly paycheck, head over to the local sporting goods store and purchase at a fair, reasonable price enough gear to have an ultimate outdoor experience on our own “we the people” public land or Uncle Joe’s farm. Though the price can get crazy and some of the regulations and restrictions truly bizarre, an American can still nonetheless, with a little creativity and intelligent prioritization, pursue this ultimate recreational reasoning predator activity at will.

Those tough, rugged do-it-yourself adventurers are virtually unlimited in their options to hunt and fish throughout North America when you put your mind and back muscles into it. Logistics, budgets, time and priorities must be masterfully managed for sure, but it can be done and it is being done right now as you read this. And to those ultra-DIY Natty Bumpos out there, a huge and reverential Uncle Ted SALUTE! to you all. You are the baddest of SpiritDudes!

Me, I am a hopeless homebody, literally cringing at the thought of packing bags to leave home for nearly any reason, including the amazing and incredibly generous invitations so many kind people continue to offer me for what can only be described as dream hunting and fishing opportunities.

I’m talking nothing short of phenomenal invites for private land elk, deer, moose, bear, turkey, lions, pronghorn, hogs, you name it. And to each of you wonderful people a sincere Godbless and huge THANKU!

ULTRALIVE BALLISTICROCKBut with my lifetime of nonstop rock-n-roll travel, especially wrapping up the most astonishing ultra-FUN tour of my life in 2013, my suitcase quota has been breached and abused to felonious levels. I actually get sick to my stomach even thinking about packing a bag and going to an airport. Hence, my nonstop ultimate dream hunts at home, day in, day out, every wonderful day hunting my sacred home hunting grounds. Sleeping in my own bed, eating in my own dining room, cooking in my own kitchen, hanging with my dream wife, living on my own land is the one thing I cherish most in life. And by the way, hunting is so incredible on our MI and TX properties that it is indescribable! I have a dream, and I’ve been living it clean and sober for 65 years! Say HALLELUJAH! And pass the ammo!

“We have to do this – it’s not bowling!”


Thank you again for the kind, warm communications, and do keep them coming. Remember to share your love and excitement for this amazing hunting lifestyle with everybody you know, everywhere you go. For it is up to each of us to be the best PR guy possible for this beloved sport of hunting. PR stands for Public Relations, so by all means, relate positively to the public that killing game is why Thanksgiving is in November, as we naturally and instinctively thank God for His precious renewable bounty. And nothing says thank you louder and clearer than killin’ and grillin’ the mighty beasts!

Continued good hunting to you all, backstrap BloodBrothers,

Ted & family
For more Ted go to TedNugent.com

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