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Ted Nugent: Happy October To Deer Hunters Everywhere

Happy October BloodBrothers!

If you think the ultimate adventurous spirit lives for October – just wait till November rolls in. Stay tuned! (photo courtesy of tednugent.com)

HAPPY OCTOBER! Are you kidding me? Don’t you feel very, very sorry for the nonhunting world out there that is condemned to experience such a lesser October than we do? Oh the poor, incomplete humanity! Then of course, even though our glorious October is thrilling and stimulating beyond words, just think what next month brings! Are you kidding me? Hang on my hunting BloodBrothers. Things are about to get dangerously spiritual here. Snort the essence of life-skanky rutting bucks and randy wet does!



Ok, I will attempt to settle down as I write this my 7th DeerandDeerhunting.com NugeBlog, but with the crisp cool air, the change in atmospheric dynamo, the increasing wildlife activity, staging wildfowl, those beyond eye candy color explosions and the volcanic intensity of the phenomenal hunt spirit, I have very little faith or hope whatsoever that any calming down will take place in my life at this magical time of year. Calming down is for folk music lovers. No thanks.


I unleashed my first perfect arrow of the year on a whitetail along the mighty Missouri River in the Cornhusker Nebraska wilds, and what a lovely arrow it was!

It was my 1st mystical flight of the arrow ever from my new Mathews Creed bow into our beloved brother whitetail deer, and the pretty zebra striped Gold Tip shaft tractorbeamed square into the hair that I owned on a gorgeous mature doe at about 15 yards.

Every arrow and every deer is a blessing and an adventure. Get into it! Live it! ‘Tis the season for deer and deer hunting. (photo courtesy of tednugent.com)

I kid you not, after shooting arrows nonstop for nearly 65 amazing years, this arrow struck a powerful chord in my reasoning predator being as if it were the 1st arrow I had ever shot and the 1st deer I ever encountered. As always, it was out of body.

I can thank God for many, many wonderful things in my inexhaustible pursuit of American Dream happiness, but the inexplicable fact that each and every arrow I fling all these years later remains so outrageously exciting to me is truly a blessing beyond words. It is just like my over the top love and passion for making ultra-grinding, savagely throttling, pure animal breeding soundtrack guitarmusic. It never gets old. If that ain’t the recipe for happiness, somebody slap me upside the skull with a CWD infected crowbar, would ya!Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 7.32.13 AM

After wrapping up our 25th annual Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity event in Yankton, SD with our friends at the National Field Archery Association, NFAA president Bruce Cull generously allowed me to babysit one of his NE treestands for a soulcleansing vigil on opening day.

As usual, many hours and a few distant sightings later, on the 3rd and last morning, a gorgeous she-deer ended up moseying along the giant cottonwoods and Russian olive tangles towards me and SpiritWild VidCamDude Kris Helms. As she was about to disappear under the canopy of my ambush tree, quartering slightly to me, I laced my razorsharp Muzzy two blade into that deadly crease twixt her brisket and shoulderblade where the impact from my 45# Mathews nearly blew her off her feet.

She scrambled her deathrun of less than 50 yards and was dead within a few seconds for what can only be described as another ultimate bowhunt in the American Heartland.


My rejoicing is pretty much a 24/7/365 thing, so to celebrate such a perfect 1st deerhunt for the year is the definitive example of how I have always gotten high on tooth, fang and claw nature my entire life.

Check out this MTV interview from back in the day:
“A hunter is an essential part of nature – just as that goose on the lake, or a northwest wind.”


And there is no end in sight ya all!

Here’s hoping you enjoy each and every minute afield with everything you got, share the thrills with everybody you know, and share the sacred flesh with your regional Hunters for the Hungry program. You can keep the backstraps, and share the rest. We need to be loving and generous, but not stupid!

Aim small miss small, hunt like the ultimate reasoning stealth killers we can be, and be safe. Wear that fall restraint device everytime you go upstairs, and keep your Spirit Wild.

Good hunting, Godbless and Godspeed. American BloodBrothers,

Ted Nugent and family
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