Alsheimer Responds to Nugent Article

Deer & Deer Hunting’s most respected and longest standing contributing field editor provides his thoughts and opinions on Ted Nugent, his latest article in D&DH, and what Nugent’s outspoken presence means for hunting and its future.


By Charles Alsheimer

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Thank you for doing an honest assessment of Ted Nugent’s two run ins with the law. It’s too bad other hunting magazines haven’t taken the time to set the record straight and tell what actually took place in California and Alaska.

Before going further let me say that I’m not a fan of rock music — my taste in music leans heavily toward the likes of Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA and Mark Lowry’s Mary Did You Know? I’ve never met Ted Nugent or talked to him on the phone. But what I do share with him is his passionate love for America, the Constitution, our veterans, and his staunch defense of our 2nd Amendment rights.  Though at times he comes off as abrasive, I’ve never seen anyone who can defend hunting and the 2nd Amendment as well as he can.

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It’s easy for Nugent’s critics to say, “He should have known what the game laws were in California and Alaska ahead of time.” Maybe, maybe not.

As one who has had a career hunting and photographing throughout North America I can sympathize with what Nugent went through in California and Alaska. Every time I’ve traveled to hunt with an outfitter I’ve been concerned about the game laws of a particular state or province I’ve hunted. In every case I’ve tried to find out all the details of their laws ahead of time but I must admit there have been times I felt uneasy because of the way outfitters, and even game wardens, tried to answer my questions.

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In too many cases today’s game laws are vague, can vary by township, county, and even which side of the highway you are on. Both of Nugent’s violations are classic examples of this, especially the Alaska incident, where the residents and guides didn’t know of the obscure law that got Nugent in trouble.

For the last 33 years my full-time job has been in the hunting world. And after three-plus decades I know this: No person in the hunting world has defended sportsmen against the radical onslaught of the anti-hunting community as well as Nugent. No one in the hunting world has personally introduced hunting to more youngsters and wanna-be hunters than he has. No one in the hunting world has personally reached out to America’s veterans, through his music and hunting opportunities, as well he has. And to his credit he’s spent thousands of his own dollars to do all this.

What has scarred Nugent is that he has chosen to be in the limelight, and be more than willing to fight against those who want to take away our guns and hunting rights. Over the years he has chosen to pick a big fight with the liberal media. Because they detest anyone who would dare challenge their agenda, they use every trick in the book to come after and destroy their opponents.

In Nugent’s case the media knows that if they can destroy the messenger, they’ll destroy the message. The way the liberal media has spun half-truths into Nugent’s story is a classic example of how they operate and illustrates what all sportsmen are up against. So, I applaud Deer & Deer Hunting for sharing what actually took place.

— Charles Alsheimer has been a Deer & Deer Hunting contributor since 1979.

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11 thoughts on “Alsheimer Responds to Nugent Article

  1. scotman

    Yea Danny as long as it isn’t too law breaking then it is acceptable. That is a great role model for our children. It is like telling your child ‘don’t ever lie’ but when the phone rings and you don’t want to talk, you tell your child, ‘Tell them I’m not home.’.

  2. lineman702

    hey danny6114. you should read the article before you join the conversation. nugent did track the wounded bear until he lost blood and then continued until he was satisfied that it was not mortally wounded.

  3. lineman702

    hey danny6114. you may want to read the article before you start talking. nugent did try to track the wounded bear until he lost blood and then continued even longer until he was satisfied it was not mortally wounded.

  4. jonny5buck

    I agree with erik point by point…i also am tired of hearing the ”nuge clan” beat the same ol drum time and time and time again….really ? .. nuge does more for me than i do …? and how do you know this ? you don’t because of a blind following…you see and hear nuge all the time…as a matter of fact i bet he could sit in a room and hold a conversation with himself…he’s so bloated with himself…2 words he doesn’t understand …”class”…& ”humble”

    There is hundreds ..yes hundreds …of individuals that do as much or MORE than ted nugey… don’t hear about them because you have never looked for them….so beat that drum again ..we have heard it a thousand times before ”NuGE DOES MORE TO UPHOLD the constitution than who guys??? the founding fathers??? everyone????…thats a blind reply that is not only NOT a fact but very very untrue…..How sad is it that they must lift him above those who pass laws in ”our” defense and those who do a tremendous amount of good ..that just don’t need the recognition or blathering that Ted’s followers do…that is sad…

  5. splitbrowtine2002

    Ted is a great American, hunter, sportman, and advocate for the 2nd amendment! I have only travelled out of my home state to hunt a few times over my 35 years of hunting and everytime I was paranoid about the local game laws. I don’t know the specifics about Ted’s alleged violations and I’m not excusing his actions, but I do know that he’s built up alot of goodwill over his lifetime and I’m not willing to throw all that away.

  6. Erik Jensen

    Entirely ridiculous that Nugent is helpful to American hunters. He’s for high-fence hunting, he threatens high ranking public officials he doesn’t agree with (it got less attention, but he threatened both Clinton and Obama in 2008), he creates this supposed huge enemy, the animal rights movement, which is actually a small enemy that can easily be kept in check. A bigger threat to hunting is loss of habitat and kids getting drawn into other activities by a need to pad their college resume in this rat-race society before they’re out of grade school.

    Nugent has no environmental ethic at all.

    The “liberal media” isn’t necessarily anti-hunting or for that matter, flat-out anti-gun. The coverage of hunting in the New York times, for example, is generally favorable. The exception to this is that vile gossipy columnist, Maureen Dowd. She’s liberal and anti-hunting. Other liberal columnists there write favorably about hunting, esp Nicolas Kristof. The hard news stories are pretty much all favorable. If I were an animal rights activist, I’d probably be pretty frustrated with the NY Times. Additionally, for your information, there is now a small movement of conservative anti-hunting forces, including a book penned by a former Bush speech writer. So, when it comes to hunting, your opinion not governed by liberal vs. conservative, its about how close are you to nature and do you know any hunters.

    Despite some isolated pockets of anti-hunting sentiment, the American people overwhelming support hunting (85%) when it’s done “for recreation and meat”. Well that’s 95% or more of American hunters.

    I’ll have to read the exact account of what went down on the violations, but it sure seems to fit a pattern of behavior. One would think Nugent has plenty of experience and resources, so he should know what he is doing in these hunting situations.

    Nugent has discredited himself in so many ways, even as a spokesman for that big minority of American hunters that are solidly conservative. Goodbye, Ted Nugent, hello Steve Rinella.

    1. bluedevilbret

      Thanks for your thoughts on this subject. However, you have made some assessments that need to be clarified. Why do you feell that Ted is unhelpful to America? Do you live in this country? Are you unaware of what he has done for our second amendendment rights? Do you have proof of your high fence hunting alligations, or is that speculation? Why shouldn’t he and every every red blooded america question our allected officials? Do they really care about you and I? The only thing that they care about is there high priced salaries, making laws that don’t affect them because they are exempt from them!! I am unsure sure how you can even mention Bush and Obama in the same breath! At least we know for sure that Bush is American. Obama has yet to produce any evidence that he belongs in this Country let alone be President of it! Are you aware of the magnitude of PETA and other animal right activist groups? they have Millions upon Billions of dollars at thier disposal. Are you also aware that one of Obamas major agenda items is gun control? He has already promised several foreign countries that when he is re-elected that is his primary goal. Why? Because he knows that he can only serve 2 terms in office. If he is re-elected, wer may become the next Australia. On another note, the media is neither liberal, conserative, or what ever label with which you deceide to place on them. The only thing the media cares about is sensationalism and ratings. They coouldn’t report story correctly if you wrote it for them! Our country needs to stand up to big government and let them know we are sick and tired of being ran over like road kill. Support our Country, suppory Our Troops, and support our communties. I hope you are truely a hunter and outdoorsman. I’m not trying to personally attack you, however, we as american citizens need to say enough is enough, and take bake our country!!! God Bless America!!!!!!!!

      1. seawolf68

        bluedevilbret you must be a Republican. Only in your eyes is the following questioning an elected official:

        “During the 2008 presidential campaign, Nugent launched an even more direct attack at then-candidate Barack Obama, calling him a “piece of s**t.”

        “I told him to suck on my machine gun,” Nugent said while brandishing two machine guns on stage at an August 2007 concert, according to Rolling Stone.

        The rocker then took aim at Obama’s Democratic primary rival Hillary Clinton, saying to his cheering concert-goers, “Hey Hillary, you might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless b**ch.””

        These are the comments that make people question why he is allowed to have guns. BUt hey if he was saying it about your son and daughter it would fine right?


      While Ted may be a bit different …….Da ! ……. your post is definitely not worth spending any more time with you or a response to you . Have fun pinko !

  7. danny6114

    So Ted’s neglecting to track down a wounded bear before killing another one (illegally) is dismissable because of his 2nd amendment activism? Oh.