Alsheimer’s Best Info On Scrapes, Whitetail Behavior

What do you know about whitetail deer making scrapes and rubs, using licking branches, and how you can maximize those for your hunting and camera surveys?

If you’re honest and don’t know much, but would like to learn more, veteran hunter and researcher Charles Alsheimer has some answers. After more than four decades of observing deer in the wild, in his research facility and during his numerous hours of hunting, he’s seen some astounding things.

Did you know deer use licking branches year-round? They rub their heads on branches and lick them to leave scent from saliva and glands in their head. Once they begin making scrapes the gland scent signposts are greater.

“Does also will use licking branches,” Alsheimer said. “If a fawn can reach it then it will work the branch, which is pretty amazing.”Deer know know every deer in their home range and they all smell different. It’s all about making a scent post.”

You can make your own mock scrapes and licking branches to get great game camera images or for hunting setups. Watch this episode of Deer Talk Now to find out how!

Call Them In Closer!

Getting a deer within range often means tapping into their curiosity, which is how the Ma-Mah call fires up does and bucks.

Lost Fawn Ma-Mah call

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The Super Hot Ma-Mah features four whitetail deer breeding vocalizations backed by science and proven in the field:

  • Exhale for Young Sexy Doe: Calls Bucks & Does
  • Inhale for Urgent Old Doe: Demands Bucks Attention
  • Inhale for Short, Soft Doe Breeding Blats To Coax Bucks Closer
  • Inhale & Exhale for the Famous Hot Doe Breeding Bellow

The Lost Fawn Ma-Mah produces a softer and less emotional Ma-Mah sound of a fawn saying “I’m lost, where are you?” Plus, since it’s not a distress call, deer walk in calmly with their defenses.

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