And Your Exercise Bike Only Attracts Laundry Instead of 12 Deer Mounts, Doesn’t It?

D&DH fan and big buck hunter Jeff Brazin of Michigan is doing a little home remodeling and needed a place for his whitetail and mule deer mounts.

exercise equip deer sanctuary 1Of course, there’s no better place for anything extra in a house than an exercise bike or Stairmaster or weight bench. Right? Right? That’s right, because the handles are great for laundry on hangers or coats, the seat can handle a bunch of stuff and propping things around creates more space to … prop things around!

Brazin took a different tack, however, and turned his exercise machines and dog kennel into a big buck magnet!

“My wife is having me remodel the house and I had to take all my deer shoulder mounts down from the walls and store them ’til its time to put them up again,” Brazin wrote. “Having three kids, two dogs and looking for a nice, safe place I began stacking the heads on and around the exercise equipment in my basement.

“That’s when it hit me — this is the place nobody goes or uses the equipment anymore, its our SANCTUARY!  I’m sure I’m not alone in having a workout area that is underutilized or has become a total sanctuary …”

Whitetail sanctuaries are off-limits, of course, so Brazin’s doe, two mule deer and nine whitetails should be safe and secure! Looks like a good bedding area. The feeding area is upstairs, of course, which means Brazin may have a treestand mounted on the wall overlooking the staircase.