Best New Gloves, Cool Weather Apparel on Deer Talk Now

Huntworth2It’s not too early to start thinking about cold weather apparel for hunting, including gloves and other headgear to keep you warm during those chilly or bone-numbing days.

Neal Ash of Huntworth Gear will discuss the Huntworth lineup of apparel and how to stay warmer in the woods on today’s episode of Deer Talk Now, which beings at 12 p.m. Central. Hosted by Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks of Deer & Deer Hunting, you’ll get great insights and information on the latest hunting gear, strategies and more with Deer Talk Now.

Neal Ash

Neal Ash

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Huntworth is built on a foundation of functional form-fitting apparel, forward-thinking design, and great affordability. Company employees have a long history of athletics, sporting traditions, and cutting edge technologies that help inspire their product lines and creations. They also hunt, and know that hunting apparel needs to fit well and work, which is why their gloves, hats, and clothing are ergonomically designed to provide the highest possible level of dexterity and comfort possible.

Tune in today at 12 p.m. Central to Deer Talk Now to hear Neal Ash with Huntworth and then get ready for your hunting season.

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