Best Release for Bowhunting? Go Smooth, Steady Instead of Punching

With archery seasons fast approaching, everyone’s trying to fine-tune their bow shooting skills while making plans for hunting trips and getting camp work or last-minute scouting done.

Here is a great tip to help you get ready for the season from Darrin Christenberry with the Mathews pro staff.

Darrin Christenberry believes in a smooth release for better accuracy.

Darrin Christenberry believes in a smooth release for better accuracy.

One of the most important things to help improve archery accuracy is the execution of the release. Accuracy is nothing more than consistency in your form and execution of your shot.

When you learn to shoot a mechanical release correctly, the results will shock you. I see so many bowhunters and first-time archers triggering or punching their trigger. When you punch the release, your brain is commanding your finger or thumb to jump on the trigger when your sight pin is getting close to your target. That creates all kinds of movement in you and your bow. Learning how to focus on just aiming until the bow fires is critical to accuracy.

The next time you shoot your bow, try to aim at your target, and hold your sight pin as steady as you can. Squeeze your trigger or thumb barrel slowly and steadily while continuing to focus on holding your pin in the middle of your target.

When the bow fires and it surprises you, that arrow will more than likely hit the middle.


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