Could These Huge Mystery Sheds Be A Nontypical Whitetail Record?

Unknown-1Mysterious shed antlers always create some buzz and these magnificent pickups have whitetail hunters chattering away!

We don’t have all the details in quite yet, but it appears that a lucky shed hunter from northern Wisconsin found these nontypical antlers near Rib Lake. That’s just outside of Wausau in the north-central part of the state. It’s an area where hunters see big bucks each year so it’s no surprise this giant lived there.

This buck’s rack has at least 19 scorable points and, allegedly, grosses more than 254 inches. Wow! If the buck lives until this hunting season, he could easily grow a rack that would challenge to be the Wisconsin state record nontypical.

The current Wisconsin pickup record is a 33-point buck scoring 237 7/8, found in Brown County in 1914 by Lewis Bissell. So this mysterious rack could shatter a record that has stood for almost 100 years!

Stay tuned! We will bring further updates on this incredibly huge buck as more details become available.

One thought on “Could These Huge Mystery Sheds Be A Nontypical Whitetail Record?

  1. mrantlerman

    These sheds were found in Rib Mountain, not Rib Lake! The buck also lives in a non-hunting area. Also scores between 225-228 gross.

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