Crazed Deer Attacks Fisherman In River!

Fly fishing, or any fishing, is supposed to be enjoyable without any thought of being gored or battered by a crazed animal.

In this week’s weird deer story, a Utah angler was peacefully casting his fly on the Weber River when he and some other anglers spotted a mule deer approaching. Kevin Bybee, of North Ogden, was fishing in the river near a high school one afternoon in early February when the deer showed up.

Some other anglers petted the deer, which approached them peacefully. Then it moved over to Bybee, who cautiously petted it but was wary.

“I wasn’t feeling threatened,” he said during a telephone interview with the Standard-Examiner for this story. “I just didn’t feel comfortable.”

Smart guy. The mule deer went nuts and began throwing haymakers with its hooves. Bybee took a beating, threw the deer into the river (twice!) and scampered to shore to climb a tree.

He called for help with his cell phone, and his friends contact law enforcement. They put down the deer after it began moving toward them.

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