D&DH Publisher Captures Wild Trail Camera Photo

Imagine Deer & Deer Hunting publisher Brad Rucks’ reaction when he returned from retrieving his trail camera memory cards to find these photos.

The bird appears to be a “wild” peacock.

“I heard about a neighbor who saw a peacock in his yard,” Rucks reported. “But I thought he had just seen a turkey and didn’t know. Once I found these pictures though …”

Rucks reported that the peacock is hanging out with a group of wild turkey jakes on his property.

“I guess they roost just like turkeys,” Rucks said. “He found this group and he seems to be happy with them.”

As for where the peacock came from, Rucks isn’t sure.

“There’s a place down by the river about 6 miles from my house,” Rucks said. “Apparently, they have a few. I guess it’s not that far.”