Deer Talk Now: The Truth About the King Buck

Wisconsin deer hunting fanatic Jay Fish, owner of the King Buck officially which was scored last Saturday by Boone and Crockett Club, was the special guest this Wednesday on Deer Talk Now, and provided details about the scoring and his insights on the controversy.

One thought on “Deer Talk Now: The Truth About the King Buck

  1. Fountaine

    I have been following this story from the start. Also I have written two letters, 1 to B&C and 1 to D&DH about the outrage of not giving this deer and hunter the proper look.

    I am outraged reading the conclusion to this story….Or maybe what B&H thinks is the conclusion.

    Hunters, Sportsmen let’s talk this up and let B&C know by boycotting their Holly-er that tho attitude until not only the King Buck gets it’s chance but the people involved in this act are HISTORY themselves.

    I will no longer purchase Outdoor Life and as far as I am concerned it is B&C WHO!

    They have lost all credibility and I am certain Teddy Roosevelt just rolled over