Did You Get Drawn for Kentucky Elk?

Results of the Kentucky elk hunt lottery drawing are now available online at fw.ky.gov.

Final results show that 33,675 people submitted an application for one of the 905 quota hunt permits to be issued by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources this year.

Kentucky’s hunt of a lifetime drew interest from hunters across the country, including three from Hawaii, 25 from Alaska, 24 from Maine and 59 from California. Hunters could apply for up to two permits. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife received 59,672 permit applications, meaning the majority of hunters applied more than once.

The Kentucky Commonwealth Office of Technology conducted the drawing Thursday, May 3, using a random computer program.

Hunters may visit the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website to check if they were drawn. Hunters must either enter their social security number, or their birth date and the 19-digit number they received while applying. Applicants should enter the information carefully to make sure they do not put in an incorrect number.

Drawn hunters also will receive a notification letter from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. Hunters have until July 1 to apply online for an Elk Hunting Unit (EHU). Kentucky’s elk hunting zone is subdivided into units to help spread hunting pressure. A second drawing is conducted to determine an individual’s hunting unit.

Hunters should visit the department website for more information regarding hunting unit selection. The website also contains maps and additional information on public hunting lands within the elk zone.