Get 50 Bucks Back On Bushnell’s G-Force Rangefinder

Bushnell Outdoor Products, a provider of sports optics for 65 years, announces a $50 instant savings on its G-Force 1300 ARC laser rangefinder.

BushnellThe instant savings is available from July 1 to Aug. 31, 2013, at participating retailers.

Packed with a host of features that appeal to both hunters and shooters, the G-Force 1300 ARC features six power magnification and unmatched range acquisition up to 1,300 yards to reflective objects, 900 yards to tree-size objects and beyond 500 yards to deer. From 5-125 yards, the G-Force provides +- ½ yard accuracy and 1/10 yard display precision.

The G-Force includes two patented range finding technologies from Bushnell: Angle Range Compensation (ARC) and Variable Sight-in Distance (VSI). With ARC technology, the rangefinder accounts for both uphill and downhill terrain angles when calculating the distance to the target, providing the user with precise shot angle information (from -90 to + 90 degrees) and distance data.

Bushnell developed VSI for rifle shooters, allowing marksmen to set the holdover/bullet drop information (available in either MOA or inches) and select between 100, 150, 200 and 300 yard sight-in distances.

Built from a machined metal housing and covered in durable rubber armor, the G-Force is designed to withstand the toughest tests from the field. Thanks to a fully waterproof design and the patented RainGuard HD permanent lens coating, this laser rangefinder is ready to perform – rain or shine.

To learn more about the G-Force 1300 ARC, visit the product page online. For more information about Bushnell Outdoor Products, visit